Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Traffic calming part1

we have discussed traffic calming endlessly .
Most wanted humps - the more vicious the better as far as Im concerned. But a few dont want them , and those who don't are vehemently against them

So the next thought was to re-tarmac the lane so it looks like a playground. Bit the Council said no to that - something about encouraging children to play in the road 
 So we then went to greening the back lane and trying some visual cues to get drivers to slow down  - and this was the suggestion  -  planters . They couldn't put them out into the road, overhanging the kerb ,  so they are pushed back against free wall, between doors and garages, distributed  down th back lane. Residents will be responsible for their upkeep .

But go on - be honest - will that dissuade cars ? Here's the drivers view going down the lane

But never mind , we had a Street party (supported by Newcastle Neighbours - a Council initiative) , with face painting and a magicians for the kids , and the adults came along to eat and drink .

61 Adults and  19 children.

 Some pictures are on flickr

We tried to get the Council to measure Speeds before and after but they couldn't/wouldn't .  I think we will be back in a while wanting more effective traffic calming - but at least its a start

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