Saturday, 16 June 2012

repairing HTC Wildfire S

So I managed to break the screen. The quotes for mending it sounded a bit expensive to me - potentially more expensive than buying a new one. So with nothing to lose I fixed it myself - and fairly straightforward as well

The dis-assembly instructions are on youtube .  There are quite a few - here's the main one one that I used - HTC Wildfire S G13 Disassembly Take Apart Guide LCD & Digitizer .

I bought a replacement screen from xtechonline on ebay (prompt , and they answered a couple of questions)  -  definitley recommended .

And all fairly straightforward . You need a Storx screwdriver ( I've got a set , but one comes with the screen from xtechonline).

Re-assembling it was not quite a straightforward, so some hints and tips

  • you will need some screen cleaner (isopropyl alcohol) to remove the sticky residue from the  new screen 
  • fix the new screen back into the   frame with double sided tape down the long side of the frame. Don't stick it over the slot the digitizer cable feeds back through. With a sharp blade trim any tape/adhesive that overhangs the edge into the screen area. 
  • There are 3 cables to bring to the back of the digitizer - the small one gets trapped between the screen and the digitizer. 
  • the holes for the Torx screws will also take the motherboard Phillips screws.  So first time i re-assembled it I have a couple of screws left over - not an uncommon occurrence in my experience of fixing things
  • So check the MoBo screws are in the right hole by lining up the back of the case and checking  the holes you want to use aren't aligned with the  case holes for the Torx screws

And when  I put the Sim back in , it just started up   again !

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