Sunday, 14 April 2013

fixing the ice dispenser

we've had an 'American-style' fridge-freezer/ water dispenser  since 1990. At the time there was one distributor for imported White-Westinghouse  freezers  and delivered them around the country . At the time  finding someone who could fix things was  impossible , so i ended up doing it all myself.
These fridge-freezers are more common these days, but i still fix things myself - they are rare enough that when we havc had service  engineers they've been a bit non-plussed and ive ended up paying for them to learn how to dismantle things.

The flap valve to the ice dispenser broke. So I ordered a replacement  and then set about fitting it . I've got a note that i had to do the same in 2007, but didnt record how to do it , so I have now

 Remove the water tray and then  remove the 2 torx screws.

then you can remove the cover by lifting it off, which exposes the  ice maker . remove the  screw at the side that  is holding the front panel in place

move the slider across  and remove the screw on the other side  ( I removed the screw holding the slider in place , but its not necessary)

you can then pull the front panel of the dispenser forwards.

bend the water spout   out of the way, and you can then remove the old flap from the  plastic clip - the other side will have broken off, and replace it with the new one  , being careful to engage the lugs  on the flap into the plastic clip