Monday, 23 July 2012

Why Im never buying Adidas trainers

There is an  article in the Sunday Guardian /Observer about a comedian who fell foul of the restrictions around the use of the protected terms -  How I was busted by the O------ Advertisement Enforcement Office.

This follows on  from the article about the Middletons company , Party Pieces, begin forced to change some of their copy because they had an image that looked a bit like an olympic torch. And then  there has been a grumbling row about athletes and shoe sponsors. Those who usually wear A.N.Other brand of running shoes arent being allowed to wear them if/when they get presented with medals . 
There was a UK version of this , but the US one has blown up recently  and is reported here.  This is in addition to LOCOG bullying and harrassing children to wear Adidas trainers  in Oxford.

And then there is Old Trafford  in Manchester  , where they've painted some seats for Adidas' benefit 

But we will all be relieved to hear that Seb isnt going to make children go barefoot through the Olympic Park(probably) 

So with friends like this , there is no way im even going to consider buying Adidas footwear in the future fior the next time I do the Great North Run

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