Thursday, 2 December 2010

landlords to fund Operation Oak ?

well, perhaps not just et.
A while ago I went to a Home Office Consultation meeting on the Licensing Act and the need to do something about the disruption and chaos caused by the night-time economy. For us this means Osborne Road.

HMG have published the results of the Rebalancing the Licensing Act Consultation. The summary is available as a couple of downloads from the relevant page on the Home Office website. The Independent has also picked up on this. 

The things that I think are relevant to Jesmond , but IANAL.

late night levy. A power for licensing authorities to introduce a charge for premises that have a late alcohol licence. Whether or not to implement the levy will be left entirely at the discretion of the licensing authority that will make the decision based on the situation in their local area. In the areas that it is introduced the levy will be collected annually and the revenue will be split between authorities and the police.

Consideration of the local community. Applicants will have to show that they have given consideration to  the effects on the local community

Greater consideration of Police Representations

Removal of the 'vicinity' test for relevant representations. Up to now you have had to be in the vicinity of the licensed premises to have what you say taken into consideration ( so residents in streets affected by drunken through-traffic weren't  relevant to a license application) 

Cumulative Impact Policies will be easier to set up . in the past, statistical information has been required. The proposals are that that will no longer be necessary.

Reducing the burden of proof.  Licensing authorities when making licensing decisions by requiring that they make decisions which are ‘appropriate’ rather than necessary for the promotion of the licensing
objectives. This will give licensing authorities greater power to tackle irresponsible premises.

Changing closing times.  Licensing authorities can set a fixed closing time , to stop night-time noise and disturbance , or introduce staggered closing times, to prevent too many people exiting bars all at the same time .

this will all be in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill

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