Wednesday, 1 December 2010

farewell, Evo

I inherited one of these a while ago. Spec isnt brilliant . but I hate to waste stuff. So i thought id see what the  designed-for-low-spec ditributions. I think ive been through all those I could find . The main use has been to read the newspapers in the morning, as SWMBO has subscribed to the online version - apparently Im allowed to use her login to access  the paper, but if I comment on anything it will be in her name - and has  done away with the paper copy of The Times (of London). personally I browser the Grauniad  and The Indy

  • x-ubuntu
  • lubuntu
  • masonux
    • (no longer developed)
  • dsl
  • puppy ( well, macpup)

the poorest performing was xubuntu, then lubuntu. DSL was fine, but didnt have the drivers for the wireless connection  . So the one I stuck with , that worked best ( ie quickest) was ...........


But the laptop wont boot . I suspect its too old to do anything about , so very reluctantly , farewell, Evo .

But all is not lost - Ive got another old laptop to try !

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