Saturday, 5 January 2013

Kitchen flooring fail - but which bit and why ?

17 years ago we had our kitchen extended and fitted out and this included Amtico floor tiles .  We've been very happy with them - when the floor is stripped back and redone it comes up (almost) as new. Its a solid floor , laid on a DPC - I know because I saw the builder do it- and then flooring laid on top of that.

But we've noticed a problem recently ( perhaps the last couple of years). It started at the edge  of the room but is now affecting some tiles not at the edge.

The tiles are  curling and lifting.

Ive gently prised back a couple of the most affected where the tiles have already lifted s and here are  the photos.

 it looks like self-levelling compound that is cracking and/or disintegrating .

But why ? and what to do about it ?

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