Thursday, 26 January 2012

Coast Road cycle route problems

According to the  City Council think a problem  here , because cyclists are going the wrong way down a one-way street and coming into contact with pedestrians.

Of course nothing is as straightforward as it first  seems.
The problem is actually here
The Signposted cycle route is to enter this alley.

But cars and vans ignore the No Entry sign and is you venture up this alley, as signposted , you are likely to meet a van coming the other way , round a blind corner.

So hardly surprisingly , cyclists dont do it, preferring to  vanture the wrong way down the one way street, using the pavement,as necessary  and hence coming into conflict with pedestrians.

Of course you shouldn't cycle on the pavement  - its  illegal  according to 1835 Highway Act . That also includes a legal definition of a pavement .

I wonder if the council will tackle the car and van drivers who make the official route so hazardous , or catch the cyclists. I wonder which group will be the easier target . ?

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