Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Geordie Bikes ? Toon Bikes ? Boris Bikes ?

Its a year since the Boris Bikes ( strictly speaking they are Barclays (the sponsor) bikes were introduced to London and there is an article in the Guardian about it . Ive also recently come across mashups and someone has analysed the first million bike journeys made on Boris bikes and produced some maps .
From my visits to London , I think the scheme has been a success - you see people on bikes within Zone 1 of the Underground  - the area covered by the bike scheme) almost all the time.

A hire scheme is coming  to Newcastle - not run by the Council . Its scratchbikes .
There is a launch on 22 July  at the Millenium Bridge. having cycled up from the Quayside a few times  , I'd be surprised if many make it up The Side to Dean Street.

Watch this space for more information !

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