Friday, 10 June 2011

Its that time of the year .........

End of term is coming.

Lots of cans of various sorts littering the streets, pavements wall and gardens  ( like this - not sure what they hope  to acihieve by this )

Mindless damage to car mirror.

Goes with the time of the year and a good night out on friday.  About £60 to fix.

 Alleged to be a  'minor ' irritant to living in the vibrant area of Newcastle. 

its important that this sort of stuff is recorded somewhere. Many Council policies go on about 'cumulative impact' - you can probably live with one incident but when its regular it becomes a major irritant.  So I rang the Northumbria Police non urgent number 03456 043 043.  Must say , very helpful and friendly staff  on the phone. And they have to have a statement.  So they will send someone round. On Sunday . Between 9 and 10 am.

the statement :
"I locked my car and left it outside the house at 6pm. I came out at mid-day  the next day and saw it was broken. A quick inspection revealed it was un-repariable.   Its probable that the key-scratch I ve noticed today across the bonnet is  the work of the same f*$£*^%r. Nothing else is damaged and  nothing else has gone".

But they have to send someone round to talk to me, apparently. I'd be happier if they put the man-hours into stopping this sort of mindless vandalism, but there  may be something about them taking a statement in person that I don't realise. you go .

the phone call took 6 minutes. The intro to the online reporting form  has warning if it takes you more than 30 mins to fill in (!) .
We'll see what they have to say on Sunday.

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