Friday, 6 May 2011

Bye Bye Bob, Farewell Ron, Hello Dave

 North Jesmond
Name Description Votes Polled %Ward Poll Majority
Peter Emil AndrasLiberal Democrats870 
Tim DowsonGreen Party273 
Rebecca Kate EarnshawThe Labour Party Candidate770 
William John HollowayThe Conservative Party Candidate419 

South Jesmond
Name Description Votes Polled %Ward Poll Majority
David Michael James HardmanThe Labour Party Candidate854 
Kevin O'NeillThe Conservative Party Candidate357 
Bob WalkerLiberal Democrats697 
Dr Tony WaterstonGreen Party266 

And the Council has changed from LibDem to Labour. There was also an article in the Guardian about the decline of the LibDems in Newcastle.

I went to the hustings organised by jesmondlocal , and, as a floating voter,  the labour pair were certainly the most fluent.
We will have to wait and see what the effect of this on this bit of Jesmond. We've got a new Councillor, so we'd better get his email address. 

One thing that cropped up at the hustings was the issue of controlling HMOs and all the candidates were in favour of controls. This was in spite of a letting agent  ( i suspect Charles lamb) who reiterated this, telling us that property values will fall by £ 50-60,000 because of restrictions. i think he's wrong ,  and I'll reply to his facebook post sometime.

I wonder what will happen to the Cycling Forum with the change from LibDem to Labour?

And farewell with thansk, to Ron, who has been a vocal advocate of the area for many years.

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