Saturday, 24 July 2010

Operation Oak

The report is here for download.

In summary

The Council and the Universities all put up money to fund extra police patrols between 2200 and 0400 friday,saturday and sunday nights.

to quote from the report
" In the period reported on , 12 offenders have been arrested or reported for Public Order offences, 97 ASB suspects have been stop checked or PACE 1 searched, over 110 items of intelligence have been submitted and over 140 incidents of ASB or noise have been attended by Officers.

Follow up enquiries and action in relation to student ASB has again been a partnership
approach. Northumbria Police working with Public Health and Environmental Protection
(PHEPS’s) and Safe Newcastle have issued 234 first warning letters, 40 second warning
letters and 26 acceptable behaviour agreements (ABA’s). This information has been passed to both Universities who have instigated their own graded response on all ASB offenders.
Arrested and reported ASB offenders have been issued with formal cautions, fixed penalty notices, or warning letters."

So where is the money best spent, funding students to go round engaging with their peers, or funding the police who do something ?

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